Dr. Karen Dittmann / Dr. h.c. Konstantin Dirbanis / Tinka Meier

Project Management (IPMA®)

Study Guide for Level D and Basic Certificate (GPM), 2nd Edition

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This book contains the complete learning scope for the certification to IPMA® Level D (Certified Project Management Associate), as well as the scope for obtaining the Basic Certificate. It provides numerous examples and templates for project management methods and practical tips. It also aims to show that professionally executed project management can actually be enjoyable and is probably one of the most versatile and exciting professions imaginable.

The IPMA® (International Project Management Association) defines worldwide standards for professional project management. The three competence areas of the current ICB4.0 (Individual Competence Baseline) standard – Perspective (Context), People (Personal and Social), and Practice (Methods and Techniques) – form the certification framework for project managers. IPMA®'s competence-based approach enables transfer to practice and goes beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge seen in other certifications. This facilitates the transfer into the everyday practice of project management.


  • Project Context: How projects are embedded in companies, what legal regulations must be observed, and the role of a company's culture in project execution.
  • People in the Project: Personal and social competencies for project managers, how projects are designed with people in mind.
  • Methods and Techniques: From requirements analysis to performance, resource, time, and cost planning, to project controlling and project closure.

    All topics are explained for both classical (plan-based) and agile project management.

    New in the 2nd edition:

  • Modernized standard of the current valid ICB 4 (effective from 01.01.2024)
  • Topic of agile and hybrid project management
  • Continuous project example to assist in writing the Level D report

    This is your first study guide for project management and the IPMA® certification!

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Getting an Overview

Definitions and standards of professional project management

Culture and values

How to integrate corporate culture and values into projects



Personal and social skills for project managers

Tools and Techniques

Methodological and technical expertise for projects: Initiation, planning, requirements and objectives, monitoring, completion

Project Management (IPMA®):

Study Guide for Level D and Basic Certificate (GPM)


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need templates for your Level D report

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would like to generally inform yourself about project management

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Customer testimonials

„After the changeover to ICB 4.0, there is still relatively little course material available to prepare for IPMA® Level D certification and the GPM Basic Certificate. This book addresses this target group. All three competence areas (Perspective, People, Practice) are covered in varying depth and in a clear manner. The book thus complements the GPM course materials and systematic preparation. This is all the more true as two experienced trainers have compiled the book and supplemented it with practical templates. What I would have liked, however, is a better classification of the topic, essential references and further sources or references for dealing with project management beyond the certification preparation.“
R. Wagner
„This textbook for IPMA® Level D and Basic Certificate (GPM) is a very good basis for anyone who wants to prepare for certification in a GPM training course. The book is structured according to the "Individual Competence Baseline 4", the worldwide standard for individual competencies in project management. It deals successively with context competencies, personal and social competencies, and technical competencies. The technical competencies are assigned to the project management phases of DIN 69901, which, as a common thread, greatly facilitates the understanding of the methods and their interrelationships. The book also contains numerous definitions from the GPM world, which is just as conducive to understanding as the numerous practical examples and cross-references to chapters with related content. Despite the compact 238 pages, one feels very well informed by the many details offered. In my opinion, it is also suitable for practitioners without certification intentions who want to quickly access the condensed knowledge of a worldwide leading PM standard. If you want, you can download templates for your project work from the Haufe-Verlag platform. I therefore give it a clear purchase recommendation.“
C. Schauder
„You can see that practitioners were at work here, great book, helps me a lot in my studies.“
L. Job
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About the authors

Dr. Karen Dittmann & Dr. h.c. Konstantin Dirbanis 

Karen Dittmann is a passionate project manager. Her goal is to enable project people and companies to manage their projects successfully. People are the connecting element for her.

As Authorized Training Partner for GPM (German Project Management Association), registered training provider and accredited Trainer she has prepared project managers for their certification for over 10 years.
Konstantin Dirbanis is a freelance consultant, trainer, and coach for project management. He gathered his experience within 21 years in the banking sector, and 8 years in automotive, as well as further industries such as pharmaceuticals and aviation. He has been working in classical project management for more than 30 years, which has been enhanced and supplemented by agile project management for the last 8 years. He is a valued PM expert and accompanies companies of different sizes in all aspects of project management, regardless of their industry. He sees himself as a pioneer and puts people in the center of attention. He has prepared more than 2,500 training participants in project management courses for PM certification, including more than 1,000 for IPMA® level certification. In his free time, he likes to pursue philosophical questions.